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The plants in this category are both dynamic and medically helpful in nature. Although the medicinal benefits might seem obvious, but then there are hallucinogenic effects of some of the plants like Calea zacatechichi to make things unpredictable but in a good way.

When we look at herbs like Klip Dagga, we see that the list of health conditions and situations that they treat is far too long for a common herb, and way too unreal for someone to actually believe. But then you get to notice that all these claims are true and you can’t help but believe the effects of these plants.

If we take a look at the medicinal properties of Klip Dagga, the list also consists of treating snakebite and suppressing menstruation. And even though it’s hard to believe, there have been some studies that in some way or the other, proves all the medicinal benefits.

It’s because of properties like these that all the plants having such dynamic nature have been categorized under this.

This category is filled with beautiful herbs like Blue lotus and Valeriana that have amazing effects in their own right. On one hand, the blue lotus is famous for its amazing hallucinogenic and health benefits equally; while on the other, there’s Valeriana that helps in relaxation of the mind by reducing severe mental health issues.