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What makes Colanut, or Kola nut, an interesting seed, is the fact that when it comes to the benefits that it offers, people around the world know  lot about it

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What makes Colanut, or Kola nut, an interesting seed, is the fact that when it comes to the benefits that it offers, people around the world know  lot about it, but when it comes to actually having a prove to back it all up, the medicinal benefits of kola nut are considered nothing but baseless beliefs. But one thing that’s scientifically proven, is the fact that it contains caffeine as well as theobromine.

Researchers and people who have consumed it, have mentioned that when the seed is grounded and mixed to make a brew, the effects that it produces, is more or less similar to what we have experienced while drinking a cup of tea, coffee, Guarana, or Yerba mate. Although the effects that include alertness and suppression of hunger are similar, the intensity of the same, is way more than any of the aforementioned herbal mix.

With intensity being higher, the medicinal effects of Colanut emerge more powerful in certain ailments. For instance, we all now know that the intensity is way more than any other caffeine-based brew and it lasts for almost six hours. Therefore, when considered as a remedy for blood circulation, kola nut tends to be beneficial as it paces the heartbeat for a systematic period of time. This is also the reason why taking this brew under supervision of any kind, is always advised.

It is also believed that the powdered form of Kola nut is useful for stomach ailments. Even though all the medicinal benefits of Colanut aren’t scientifically proven, some of them just feel right as they’re majorly testimonials from firsthand users of Kola nut. In these cases, it never really matters if the effects are scientifically checked and/or proven, because the consumers always feel that they have experienced the benefit due to the magical properties that has turned the Kola tree into a medicinal one.

Some studies still argue on the fact that almost all the medicinal benefits of Kola nut come from the fact that it has high caffeine content. That’s why the effects feel more intense. But then these claims turn out to be of no use to people who actually believe that its properties are a gift of the rich history that it belongs to.

Some people also say claim that it also helps in relieving depression, chronic-fatigue syndrome, atonic diarrhea, and migraine headaches. Even though, there haven’t been much researches conducted to prove the accuracy of these claims, people somehow know that these are true, if not 100%, at least to a certain level.

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