Diplopterys Cabrerana (Chaliponga) Leaves


Diplopterys cabrerana is an herb that is found only in the amazon basin. The most prominent features of the herb are its psychoactive affects. So much so, that its traditional uses are filled with experiments that explore its full hallucinogenic potential.

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The vine and leaves of Diplopterys cabrerana are rich in N-DMT as well as DMT that helps in brewing Ayahuasca. The effects that people who  consumed the drink by making it through the traditional process, helps them experience intense visual hallucination. The effects varies from one individual to another as it affects depending on the exposure of the user to Ayahuasca.

Starting right from mild and positive psychoactive effects, it can lead up to extreme nausea. Speaking of hallucinations; people who consume this drink, have reported to have seen vibrant colors while hallucinating.

Although it doesn’t have any remarkable medicinal benefits, but when the leaves of Diplopterys cabrerana are mined and used with Ayahuasca, it helps enhance the effects of an Ayahuasca brew. The fact that along with its leaves that contain a significant level of N-DMT, its stems also contain these alkaloids  including DMT, makes this plant a useful ingredient for making any potential pot of Ayahuasca.

Diplopterys cabrerana is often mixed with Psychotria Viridis to make an Ayahuasca Brew because both the plants have the same compounds. Therefore, if you are looking to experiment with your cup of drink, you always have the option of using these two plants.

But if you are a newbie to this plant or Ayahuasca, and don’t know what the effects of Diplopterys cabrerana you might just want to get a pack of its leaves and use it in making a traditional tea.

That being said, if you want to buy the purest form of Diplopterys cabrerana leaves, you don’t have to look anywhere else. Just look up Mimosa Root Shop, and purchase the quantity that you are comfortable with.

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