Kanna 10X Extract – Sceletium tortuosum 10 Grams


Delve into the essence of Kanna with our 10X Extract – Sceletium tortuosum 10g. Responsibly sourced and expertly prepared for a concentrated and authentic botanical journey.


Kanna 10X Extract – Sceletium tortuosum 10 Grams. Immerse yourself in the botanical exploration of the Kanna plant with our Kanna 10X Extract – Sceletium tortuosum 10 Grams. Sceletium tortuosum, commonly referred to as Kanna, is a plant originating from South Africa, prized for its unique properties and cultural value.

Historically, Kanna has been utilized in various social and spiritual contexts within South African cultures. Its fascinating background and distinctive botanical attributes make it a subject of interest for those drawn to ethnobotany and plant exploration.

Our Kanna 10X Extract – Sceletium tortuosum 10 Grams offers a concentrated experience of the plant’s unique characteristics. With a 10:1 extraction ratio, we encapsulate the essence of 10 parts of the plant into one part of the extract, resulting in an authentic and intensified representation of Kanna.

We take great care in sourcing our Kanna plants from sustainable, organic environments that echo the plant’s natural habitats. This conscious sourcing underpins our commitment to quality and environmental stewardship. Throughout the extraction process, we prioritize preserving the plant’s beneficial components, resulting in an extract that faithfully resonates with the plant’s natural profile.

Designed for adults keen on broadening their botanical experiences, the Kanna 10X Extract – Sceletium tortuosum 10 Grams offers a unique exploration journey. The experience can range from subtle perceptual shifts to more immersive sensory encounters, thus creating an intriguing path of discovery for each user.

Knowledge is a vital aspect of the botanical exploration experience. We encourage learning about the historical, cultural, and botanical facets of Kanna. This deepened understanding will enhance your appreciation of the plant and enrich your overall experience.

It’s important to note that while our Kanna 10X Extract – Sceletium tortuosum 10 Grams is crafted for exploration and enjoyment, it must be used responsibly. It may not be suitable for beginners or those new to Kanna. We strongly advise all users to comply with local laws and regulations regarding the use and distribution of this product.


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