Papaver Seeds “Lilac Single” (250 Grams)


250 grams

Papaver Somniferum a plant that is commonly known as opium poppy, is a famous plant in its own right.



Papaver Somniferum a plant that is commonly known as opium poppy, is a famous plant in its own right; but its seeds have its own benefits, which makes them equally famous. For starters, as a medical agent, poppy seeds are used as a testing component for checking any irregular connection between bladder and the bowel. It helps in understanding and severity of Vesicoenteric Fistula, a condition where fecal matter enter the bladder of a patient, causing irresistible pain in the lower abdomen, and recurring urinary tract infections.

Before moving forward with other medicinal benefits of poppy seeds, let’s take a look at other uses of these seeds. For instance, poppy seeds are also used in making cakes, pastries, porridges; while its oil is used in making soaps and paint.

Coming back to the medicinal uses of these seeds, there are several other ailments that are treated from these seeds; such as, asthma, constipation, cough, and many other. Although the tallest claim by the users of these seeds, is the fact that they help in preventing certain sorts of cancer from developing in the body.

Even though it has numerous medicinal benefits, we take it as a responsibility to make sure that our customers know the precautions one needs to take while consuming poppy seeds. For instance, consuming a tea brewed using poppy seeds, is probably unsafe, because the surface of the seeds contain morphine and other opiates. Therefore while soaking the seeds to make the tea, there are chances that the opiates get mixed and cause harm to the user’s health. Similarly, consuming poppy seeds in large quantities is surely unsafe.

So, if you’ve understood the benefits and precautions of consuming poppy seeds, and want to buy them to enjoy the benefits, you don’t have to search anywhere else. Just look up Mimosa Root Shop, and get your fresh batch of poppy seeds delivered to you at your earliest convenience.


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