Salvia Divinorum 80X Extract (5 grams)


Experience profound introspection with Salvia 80X Extract. Derived from premium Salvia Divinorum, offering unparalleled potency for an immersive sensory journey.


Salvia Divinorum. Discover the immersive, mind-expanding world of Salvia with our 80X Extract, the ultimate product in botanical enlightenment. Sourced from the finest Salvia Divinorum plants, this potent extract is designed for those in pursuit of profound introspection and heightened sensory awareness.

The Salvia 80X Extract offers an unrivaled intensity due to its remarkable 80X concentration. This meticulously crafted product translates to an intense, pure, and clean experience, providing unparalleled potency in each usage.

This extract derives from plants organically grown and sustainably harvested in their natural habitat. We prioritize quality above all else, guaranteeing that our Salvia 80X Extract is meticulously processed to preserve the plant’s full spectrum of beneficial compounds.

This product is easy to use and suitable for all adults looking to explore the boundaries of their consciousness. The Salvia 80X Extract may yield diverse experiences, with effects ranging from subtle shifts in perception to highly immersive experiences.

Caution: This product is extremely potent and should be used responsibly. Not recommended for beginners or those new to Salvia. Always adhere to local laws and regulations concerning its use and distribution.


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