Entada Rheedii 50X – 30g – African dream herb


Explore the unique properties of the Entada Rheedii with our 50X – 30g – African Dream Herb. Expertly sourced and prepared for an authentic, enriching botanical journey.

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Entada Rheedii 50X – 30g – African dream herb. Experience the richness of botanical exploration with our Entada Rheedii 50X – 30g – African Dream Herb. Derived from the revered Entada Rheedii, this product offers a unique opportunity to delve into the diversity of the botanical world.

Entada Rheedii, also known as African Dream Herb, holds a special place in African indigenous cultures. It has been used traditionally for centuries, primarily in spiritual practices and rites, making it an intriguing plant for ethnobotanical explorers and plant enthusiasts alike.

Our Entada Rheedii 50X – 30g – African Dream Herb presents the core essence of the plant in a convenient and easy-to-use form. With a 50:1 concentration ratio, this product captures the distinctive attributes of 50 parts of the plant into one part of the extract. This meticulous process ensures an authentic representation of the plant’s unique properties.

We source our Entada Rheedii plants from their native habitats, where they are grown organically and harvested sustainably. This approach reflects our commitment to quality and our respect for the environment. Each step in the preparation phase is carefully managed to maintain the integrity of the plant’s beneficial components, resulting in a product that echoes the plant’s natural character.

The Entada Rheedii 50X – 30g – African Dream Herb is suitable for adults seeking to broaden their understanding and experience of botanical extracts. Each use can provide a unique journey, from mild perceptual shifts to more profound sensory experiences. As individual experiences can vary, it offers an intriguing pathway of discovery for each user.

Our commitment extends beyond delivering a quality product. We believe in empowering our customers through knowledge. We encourage learning about the historical, cultural, and botanical background of the Entada Rheedii to deepen appreciation for its unique characteristics and the experience it offers.

Please remember, while our Entada Rheedii 50X – 30g – African Dream Herb is crafted for exploration and enjoyment, it must be used responsibly. It may not be suitable for beginners or those new to Entada Rheedii. We urge all users to comply with local laws and regulations regarding the use and distribution of such products.


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