Ephedra Sinica Ma-huang (500 Grams Pouch)

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Ephedra sinica is a medicinal herb that is commonly known as Ma-huang.



Ephedra sinica is a medicinal herb that is commonly known as Ma-huang. This herb has a rich history of being used as a primary remedy for treating health conditions like asthma, bronchitis cold, flu, and much more. Not only the herb was effective for treating the above mentioned ailments, but it also helps in treating cough and fever. Although apart from the medicinal properties of Ma-huang, there are many other uses of the herb that makes it all the more famous among the global public.

For instance, Ephedrine, a chemical compound present in Ephedra, helps in increasing the metabolism of the body that in turn helps in burning excessive fat. Therefore, if anyone is suffering from obesity, or wants to lose weight quickly and not conventionally, the compound Ephedrine can be of great help, as some prestigious research studies have indicated that the chemical compound affects the loss of weight in a user’s body for a prolonged period of time.

Therefore, if any user wants to experience intensive effect of weight loss, consuming Ephedrine with caffeine can help them greatly as the effect of a combination of them both, is much more significant than their individual efficacy.

So, if you are an individual who wants to have this medicinal herb, you can buy its seeds from Mimosa Root Shop and grow your plant at your home. All you’d need to make sure of are the soil and germination conditions. Apart from that, growing this herb is not that difficult a task.

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