Khat (also known as) Qat (250 Gram Pouch)


250 Gram Pouch

Khat is a plant, the leaves and stems of which are used for botanical purposes. Unveil the wonders of Khat (Qat) with our 250g pouch, exclusively for botanical use. Experience its all-natural essence on an enchanting journey.


Khat is a plant, the leaves and stems of which are used for recreational and medicinal purposes. Traditionally, both the leaves and stems are chewed for elevating mood as they give off significant euphoric effects. As far as the medicinal purposes of Khatare concerned, the leaves of this plant are used for fighting depression, fatigue, obesity, male infertility, and stomach ulcers.

Some of the most interesting facts about Khat may include alertness and euphoria. Most individuals have experienced that they become overtly talkative when they consume the plant. So, if someone is dealing with social awkwardness, Khat can be a helpful drug as it will relieve the anxiousness and elevate the mood so that the user can talk more freely.

Another important discovery made by some regular users of this plant, is that Khat helps in increasing the feeling of self-esteem in them, while some of them revealed that it helps them imagine things more intensely, and this helps them in getting new ideas more frequently.

Experts at WHO (World Health Organization) have clarified that the effects of Khat are similar to the effects of consuming strong coffee. But when we move even further in the spectrum of ailments that Khat shows its efficacy on, we see that it helps in maintaining increased sexual desire in some cases, so that the hormonal imbalance is avoided.

Apart from that, consuming Khat also helps in suppressing hunger and sleep, so if you or anyone you know, is suffering from Narcolepsy, Khat can be the best option.

Now comes the part where we fathom the process of growing this plant. As we all know, Khat is a slow-growing herb that is native to East Africa and Arabia, it is typically grown in arid environments. It’s seen that once the herb has settled in the environment, it can thrive in direct sunlight and can withstand a wide temperature range of 5 to 35 degrees Celsius.

For sowing the seed(s), you can use horticultural or cactus mix sand. It’s important to keep in mind that the soil bed for the seed of this plant, should be free draining because they are prone to damping off, resulting in them killing small and weaker seedlings.

Even though it is considered to be a difficult plant to grow, if the correct procedure is taken to grow the seeds, growing the plant is both a plausible and achievable feat. The only thing that matters is how you pot and/or repot the seeds. The reason why it is important, is because the seeds, when potted, need pristine drainage along with impeccable condition for the plant to retain enough moisture for its uninterrupted growth. For this, you can use a well-balanced mixture of house-plant compost and perlite.

So, if you’re looking for high-quality Khat seeds and wish to grow it so that you too can enjoy the amazing benefits of Khat plant, look up the internet for Mimosa Root Shop, and buy it today.


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