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The reason why this category exists is because all the other ones have herbs and plants that have a blend of all sorts of benefits. This category is for all the seeds that prove to be beneficial for all the individuals who are looking to find something medicinal.

For instance, there are Tabernanthe Iboga seeds that help in fighting the addiction of drugs and alcohol. The medicinal benefits of Iboga seeds cause relief in the intensity of withdrawal symptoms. If you know anyone who has a long-term dependency on any kind of drug both prescribed and un-prescribed, you can gift them these seeds.

Then there are Ma-huang seeds that help in medical conditions like asthma, bronchitis, cold and flu. But that’s not all that these amazing seeds are globally known for. The Ma-huang seeds help a user’s body by impacting it positively. And out of all the positives that you’ll get to know about these seeds, the most promising one is that it helps in increasing one’s metabolism.

Among all the other seeds you’ll also find poppy seeds. And if you know a bit more than usual, you know that the benefits of poppy seeds aren’t restricted to medical issues only. In fact, these seeds are pretty helpful in baking. Not only that, but they help in making paint as well.

So, if you think you want any of the mentioned seeds, you’re just a click away!