Real Mad Honey Turkey – 250 g


Experience the unusual with our Real Mad Honey from Turkey – 250g, a rare honey variant carrying a complex flavor profile. Responsibly sourced for authenticity and quality. Enjoy in moderation.


Real Mad Honey Turkey – 250 g. Introducing our Real Mad Honey from Turkey – 250g, an exciting exploration into the diverse and intriguing world of honey. This unique variant of honey is renowned for its distinctive qualities and has deep roots in the cultural traditions of the region.

The Real Mad Honey is harvested from the nectar of specific species of rhododendrons native to certain regions of Turkey. The resultant honey carries a complex flavor profile, blending sweet, floral, and subtly tangy notes that differentiate it from other types of honey.

Each jar of our Real Mad Honey from Turkey – 250g offers you a genuine taste of this unusual variant. We partner with local beekeepers who adhere to traditional harvesting methods, thereby ensuring that the Mad Honey you receive is of the highest quality and maintains its authenticity.

We place significant emphasis on environmental sustainability and community engagement. Our honey is sourced responsibly, promoting fair trade practices and contributing towards preserving the rich biodiversity of the Turkish landscapes.

Adding Mad Honey to your kitchen invites you on a culinary adventure. It can be an intriguing addition to your recipes, a distinctive sweetener for your beverages, or simply be savored in its natural, unique state. Given its unusual origin and characteristics, it is also a captivating topic of conversation among food enthusiasts.

To fully appreciate Mad Honey, we encourage you to explore its cultural background, the role it has played in history, and the traditional practices that surround its harvesting. This knowledge will deepen your understanding and enrich your experience with this extraordinary product.

As always, enjoy the Real Mad Honey from Turkey – 250g in moderation, and abide by the local regulations concerning the acquisition and usage of this product.


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