Psychotria Viridis (Chacruna) Leaves (500 Grams)


As a small sized tree species, Psychotria Viridis is nicknamed ‘chacruna’ which literally means ‘the visionary vine.’

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Due to its many benefits, it has gained a stature of becoming one of the most effective medicinal plants to be grown in central and South America. Among all the medicinal benefits of Psychotria Viridis, it also helps in treating migraine and cleaning the intestines of a person.

But things got interesting when despite of its tremendous medicinal benefits, this plant had started been used for its hallucinogenic effects. The hallucinogenic effects of this plant are obtained by drying and smoking the leaves of it. Its leaves contain DMT, a very popular hallucinogenic agent, which not only gives you psychedelic ‘high’, but up to some extent, helps you to relax and expand your mind as well.

The effects of this plant’s leaves are so significant that most of the people who regularly use it, consider the drink mixed with leaves of this plant, to be a powerful tool to ‘foresee future’ and ‘prevent witchcraft’.

As beneficial Psychotria Viridis turns out to be, the more peculiar yet strong its claims become. That being said, some people who used this plant to brew a drink, have claimed that the drink helps them in enhancing their visual acuity in the dense Amazon jungle; allowing them to see animals that they could not see with their normal vision.

What raises the controversy around the sale of this plant, is the fact that its leaves contain DMT in heavy amounts, that when extracted, can be intense for those who haven’t yet tried it. This is the primary reason why this plant is not sold in nurseries around prominent nations like the US and Europe. Although the hallucinogenic effects of the plant have always been prominent around everyone, to a scale where they have considered them to be next to the medicinal effects of the plant, but the concerns are very much true.

However, if you control its use, and drink and/or smoke it responsibly, it can be of great help. On a concluding note, if you’re looking for quality leaves of this plant, you can find your pack at Mimosa Root Shop.

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