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Speaking of the mescaline cactus plants, they are cacti that have an active alkaloid known as Mescaline that gives off psychedelic effects that has the ability to alter the consciousness of a person. It can bend it towards either something good or something utterly bad; depending on the user. The category of Mescaline cacti consists of several cacti plants that grow in various parts of the world, and produce different high whatsoever.

Cacti like the Peyote and San Pedro are both interesting in terms of both the composition of the plants and their aftereffects. While the former has an intense chemical built, the latter is a milder version. The Peyote Cactus consists 25 alkaloids out of which, mescaline is one. And even though we are aware of the effects of mescaline, what makes it interesting is the fact that all the other alkaloids are psychoactive in nature too.

The San Pedro Cactus on the other hand, contains mescaline but in lower quantity. That’s the reason why it has euphoric effects on its users. But the one interesting fact is that the hallucinogenic effects of San Pedro cactus gives off a trip that has visual hallucinations, which is then followed by a state of mixed senses.

Apart from these, there are various other mescaline cacti that produce similar hallucinogenic effects on the users; some more than others. For instance, the plant Lophphora Fricii is a cactus that has the least amount of mescaline, so if you want to experience almost negligible effects of the alkaloid, you can go with this.