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We at Mimosa Root Shop, help our consumers by giving them all the beneficial herbs that they would require. When you look at all the categories, the first thought that would come to your mind after looking at the names, is that we know what our customers would want, and we provide them accordingly.

The same goes with the medicinal plant known as Kanna. It has maintained its reputation worldwide for being a plant that helps in calming the mind as well as taking care of the overall wellbeing of the person. If you look at the medicinal benefits of Kanna, it helps with fighting fatigue and several psychological issues.

Kanna too belongs to the group of plants whose all the parts are beneficial as long as the customer knows how to properly consuming them. For example, the leaves of Kanna plant help the users with sleeping disorders like insomnia. They also help in elevating the overall mood of the user.

We also offer extracts of Kanna plant that are more concentrated in nature; so that you can experience the amazing medicinal benefits of Kanna with much more intensity. Although the concentrated extracts are available, but it’s still advisable to use Kanna extract as a last resort only. And whenever you want to do it, always buy from us!