Salvia Divinorum

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One of the most interesting facts about Salvia Divinorum is that it belongs to the genus salvia that comes from the mint family, and has a reputation of being used for calming your mind after you’ve had a long and tiring day. Salvinorin A is the active ingredient in the plant, and it’s because of this element that the users of Salvia Divinorum experience an LSD-like high and trip.

The leaves of this medicinal plant are as amazing as Salvinorin A because the leaves of Salvia Divinorum, when chewed, puts the user’s mind at ease, and takes them to a mild state of hallucination. These hallucinations help them by relieving any stress or headache.

The hallucinogenic properties of Salvia Divinorum are so intense and long-lasting that in traditional times, people who consumed it; have claimed to feel disconnected from reality. When the leaves of Salvia Divinorum are consumed properly, not only do they cause immersive hallucination, but also make the users feel that they’re connected to their higher selves in some way.

The smoking ritual of the leaves of this beautiful medicinal plant tends to develop dependency on users, but when it’s switched with consuming liquid extract of Salvia Divinorum, the level of dependency dramatically decreases because unlike smoking the leaves, consuming liquid extract gave the users a long-lasting high.

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